The project focuses on three main ranges of activities:

Development of six postgraduate study programmes
The objective is to create a network of specialised postgraduate study programmes among Euro-Mediterranean universities. International comparability will be ensured with respect to credits (promoting the European Credit Transfer dimension), courses, as well as awarded scientific and professional titles. In terms of fields of study, special attention will be given to topics related to the Euro-Mediterranean region. Complete study programmes (or parts of them) will be carried out at universities or institutions, partners of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).

Developing EMUNI main policies
The development of EMUNI policies helps strengthening and extending the EMUNI University network and promote the harmonization of high education space for the Union for the Mediterranean.

Among the topics to be addressed are:
  • Quality assurance policy,
  • E -learning policy,
  • Concepts for master study programmes,
  • Concepts for PhD study programmes.
Organisation of international EMUNI conferences and dissemination of project achievements
The following set of conferences/seminars/meetings is being organised under the project:
  • ReSouk, a Research Souk, bringing together experts and students in focused research dissemination activities in June 2010 .
  • HE&R, a higher education and research conference for postgraduate students and academic/civil society experts in September 2010.
  • A Conference/Thematic Workshop on Euro-Mediterranean priorities in November/December 2010.
  • Organisation of Six Regional Euro-Mediterranean Listening days planned for February 2010, May 2010 and January 2010.