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Specialists International Meeting Regarding Master Programmes in the UfM

posted May 16, 2011, 4:21 AM by Denis Curcic | EMUNI
Barcelona, Spain, 11 May.
The Specialists International Meeting was held  in the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat and  started with a Welcome greetings by Prof. Ilan Chet, Deputy Secretary General for Higher Education and Research followed by an Opening Session presented by Prof. Joseph Mifsud, President of EMUNI University who hilighted the importance of the role EMUNI is playing within the framework of the UfM and the commitment of EMUNI to achieve the objectives of the UfM and reinforce  north/south and south/south cooperation.
Prof. Nehale Fariid Mostapha, Key Coordinator and team leader of the ENPI PROJECT gave an overview of the project,followed by a briefing about the achievements of the project since its start and how were the developments of this project and the efficient and successful progress to date.
The key leaders/coordinators of the new masters programmes presented their work and highlighted how these programmes were matching with the objectives of EMUNI and the objectives of the UfM at the same time.
The Specialists to the DSG of the UfM Secretariat, Ambassador Yigit Alpogan, Deputy Secretary General for Transport and Urban Development, Ms. Cecilia Attard Pirotta, Deputy Secretary General for Social and Civil Affairs,Dr. Rafiq Husseini, Deputy Secretary General for Environment and Water, Mr. Marc Strauss, Expert in Energy and Mr. Fernando de la Fuente, Expert in Funding  explained the objectives of the UfM in every field of specialization and discussed with EMUNI experts   all possible areas of cooperation and future plans.
The meeting ended with a warm speech from Prof. Ilan Chet, Deputy Secretary General for Higher Education and Research. Prof Mifsud stressed the importance of this meeting and how EMUNI appreciate the support provided by the UFM to reinforce the role of the university.